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Why give

As I write this, I am a corporate draftsman and convey my feelings and thoughts, with that being said, we who work at Signhome have a completely common line about what is important in life and chose to go a different route. That way is through a balance between taking and giving.

Why do we give away 10% of all revenue we receive to the company?
We want to take a stand and show that it is possible to do business and at the same time be able to help those in need, we cannot help everyone but we can actually make a difference for some people. With low fixed costs and a well-thought-out strategy, we can make savings that correspond to what we want to give.

Who receives the money?
Today we collaborate with three organizations, they work for the elderly, young people and suicide prevention.

How do you know that the money will get where it is intended?
This particular issue has been the most important thing, the organizations we selected have as a consideration to report exactly where the money has been used. We will then report this to our customers who have given us the confidence to sell their home.



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